Arulmigu Bannari Mariamman Temple - Festival

Golden Chariot Festival

     A golden rath of 9.8’ height is designed for Goddess Bannari Amman and from 1st may 2006 the rath is used for veethi ula. For this golden rath the temple has given about 7.77 kgs of gold. The wood and copper sheets were provided by peoples around the temple areas . The total cost of this rath is 53 lakhs. For taking golden rath to veethi ula devotees has to pay an amount of 1001 rupees and they can fix the timing for ula as they wish.

Kundam Festival

     The cowherd has his own doubts about that particular cow and he decided to have an eye on it. He allowed the other cows to graze and pursued that particular cow secretly. It went alone near a Vengai tree and stood beneath it. Milk began to flow from its udder automatically. He wondered at such a strangle sight and told about it to the other cowherds. The news spread like wildfire to the villagers. Next day they were on the spot to witness the wonder. They found the cow repeating the same behavior. Milk cozed out of the teats of its udder on the particular spot amidst the grass.

Turmeric Water Donation

     On Thursday they will do pooja with turmeric water and the people belonging to temple will donate food for needy. The same day they do special Abhishegam and pooja for God.

Thiruvillakku Pooja

     On Friday evening Thiruvilakku pooja (pooja done to light lamps) will be done. On this occasion lots of ladies will praise god.


     On Monday, the 8th day of Kundam festival maru pooja festival will be conducted. Sunday night itself they will decorate God as they decorated on the first day with golden kavasam (a metal that covers the entire body), costly ornaments and flower garlands.Then special Abhishegams will be done.