Arulmigu Bannari Mariamman Temple, Sathyamangalam

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     People of past had witnessed the wonderful sight of tigers and cows quenching their thirst at the same spot of the river. Cowherds used to drive the cattle to the fields jeer for grazing. The cows fed on the grass found in plenty here. These cows were driven back to the stables at dusk. The cowherds used to extract milk form the udder of each cow and hand over the collected Milk to the owners of the cows. One particular cow did not allow the cowherd to get milk, nor did it allow its calf to go near it.

     Around 300 years ago, the dana Nayakkan or Dhandanyakkan forest you all know now its been called as “BANNARI”. This name Bannari for this great historical place origined because of the great temple “Bannari Amman Temple”.

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Arulmigu Bannari Mariamman Temple

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